[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] version 0.12.3 - more bugfixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Jun 16 00:43:03 BST 2011


Version 0.12.3 is now available:

This version contains yet another large number of bugfixes for all

The highlights are: leaks have been found and plugged, it should now be
much more stable and reliable than previous releases.

For details, please see the full release notes below.



Major bug fixes:
* mDNS readers are now removed correctly (was causing segfaults on exit)
* exit cleanly on all platforms, freeing resources and waiting if needed
* VNC full desktop sessions can be started more than once (oops)
* fix segfaults in the X11 session detection code
* fix file descriptor leaks in X11 code and screen capture
* support many more KDE applications using the "--nofork" parameter
* the OSX build was missing GStreamer plugins (for sound and video copy)
* avoid sending really big icon files! (above 128KB)

Small bug fixes and improvements:
* detect blocked/unavailable SSH port and warn user
* choose tray icon colour based on platform (or gtk theme) if possible,
so the applet is now more visible (can be changed in options if needed)
* xpra jpeg should be enabled for multimedia apps even if dialog is not
* OSX: migrate all code from igemacintegration to gtk_osxapplication

Cleanups and minor items:
* make the protocol client classes more re-usable
* split version_update check to its own class
* default menu size is small on win32 (prevents menu overflowing the screen)
* split tray icon support to platform classes, code is now re-usable


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