[winswitch] Dependancies for Winswitch on el5

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Aug 20 08:18:31 BST 2013

On 20/08/13 03:14, Billy Crook wrote:
> Has anyone here installed winswitch on el5?  If so, how did you
> satisfy the dependancies nautilus-python and tigervnc?
Installing from source always works ;)
>    I do not
> believe those are available for el5.
I believe those dependencies should have been "soft" dependencies:
Requires(hint): X, Y, Z
Rather than hard dependencies like:
Requires: X, Y, Z
Maybe CentOS doesn't honour those?

In any case, I've just re-spun the CentOS 5.x package in the beta area:

Please let me know if that fixes the problem for you.
(note: CentOS 5.x is getting really old now, ensuring compatibility with 
outdated systems is not high on the priority list..)


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