[winswitch] Question on Xpra: Can I display X on remote xpra?

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Wed Aug 28 09:28:32 BST 2013


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On 28/08/13 15:20, 汤承刚 wrote:
> Hi Antoine,
> I'm trying to do following, but failed:
You're not saying how this fails so it is almost impossible to help you.
> server1# xpra start :7
> server2# DISPLAY=server1:7 xterm
Why are you running the xterm on a different server than the one that
runs the xpra server?
That's crazy slow - just don't do that, use xpra for forwarding, not X11.
(and if you really wanted to do this, and really you should almost never
do that, you have to deal with firewalls, xhost, etc.. by yourself)
> And my question is: Does Xpra receive remote X connections?
Xpra connects to the X11 server (Xvfb/Xdummy) as a client, it does not
handle remote X11 connections at all.
X11 client applications connect to the X11 server.
Xpra clients connect to the Xpra server, and use their own protocol.


> Thanks,
> Chenggang Tang

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