[winswitch] does xpra raise windows?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 10:57:12 BST 2013

>>> explicitly to cleanup.
>>> Since the window is closed, there is no way you can bring it back. 
>>> It would good (for end users) if we can dettach the session on closing 
>>> the window. If we provide a prompt (Do you want to close OR dettach?), that
>>> would be ideal.
>> If that is what you need then simply start the server with:
>> --exit-with-children
> Hi Antoine,
> Thanks for the reply and this worked well. This solved one problem. However, 
> is there any way to detach the session on closing (OR providing prompt to 
> users to select close/detach)?
When you click the close window button, we just forward it to the remote
application which then takes whatever action it wants (in some cases,
none at all).
Some will close, some will minimize, some will show you their own alert
box, etc
Interposing some UI prompt here would just cause headaches in too many
cases: it would be very hard to give the user a meaningful UI
alternative because we would not even know in advance what that choice does.
If you want to detach, just use the system tray menu.


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