[winswitch] Missing dependencies in CentOS 5.4 -> Bug?

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Wed Oct 8 12:10:26 BST 2014

 >|> Running Centos-6.5 32-bit. That repo doesn't have a
 >|> 0.14.9-2.
 >|No, it doesn't. The rebuild was for CentOS 5.x as per above.
 >|The title of this thread is about CentOS 5, not 6.

The missing dependencies affected Centos-6 as well.

 >|>  xpra-0.14.4-1 works as a client.
 >|> P.S. The new *-xpra packages make it quite hard to revert
 >|> to an earlier version. AFAIK one has to explicitly remove
 >|> all of them and install older versions by hand.
 >|Older xpra builds should be compatible with most of the newer
 >|The ones that are not compatible will be detected by yum.

Yum tells you which libraries are incompatible.  Then you have the
additional step I didn't mention of figuring out which packages
are problematic.

 >|>  It would be
 >|> easier if they were all bundled into the xpra package.
 >|Absolutely no chance of ever doing this.
 >|This is what is done on OSX and mswindows (not by choice) and is
 >|maintenance and packaging nightmare.

In that case, I'll stick with a version that works. I can't
help you debug latest releases if I can't get back easily to
a working system.

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