[winswitch] [Xpra] Android client

Jakub Księżniak jksiezniak at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 21:47:36 BST 2015


I've been writing an Android Xpra client for some time now (maybe you
remember our previous conversation on a mailing list). It took me quite a
lot of time to make a barely working app, but here it is. :) You can
download source code from Github and build it by yourself:

Moreover, I've got some concerns regarding licensing. I'd like to share my
code on terms of Apache License 2.0 and I'd like to know if it is OK with

Also, I've added an Xpra icon to the android project, which makes an app
much more recognizable. But it requires your permission, if I'm not
mistaken. So, do you agree, to use the Xpra icon in this project?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Jakub Księżniak

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