[winswitch] Xpra 0.17.0 and winswitch 0.12.22 release candidates

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Wed Apr 20 09:40:32 BST 2016


Because these updates will happen together, the packaging and
integration testing is taking a bit longer than planned.
Feel free to download the release candidate builds from the beta area -
unless something major turns up, these will be the final builds:

The changes in winswitch are fairly minor but long overdue: it should
now support all SSH servers thanks to the library updates.
We no longer ship xpra bundled with winswitch on MS Windows and OSX, so
you must install xpra (any recent version should work) prior to
upgrading. winswitch should then be able to locate it automatically.
On MS Windows, because older versions did bundle xpra, it is probably a
good idea to uninstall winswitch first and nuke any installation
left-overs before installing the new version.
After installation, you may want to verify that xpra is still the
default protocol used for seamless application forwarding.

As for xpra, detailed release notes can be found here:
There are improvements all over the codebase, but mostly concentrated
around: sound encoding, shadow servers, OSX platform fixes, new and
faster video encoders, new and faster network backends, integration
improvements and the usual tweaks to window handling, webcam forwarding
and SELinux enhancements are still incomplete (just a more fancy word
for saying buggy).


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