[winswitch] Is NX any faster than XPra ?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Apr 23 06:48:19 BST 2016

On 23/04/16 02:05, Mukul Agrawal wrote:
> I can get XPra to work with very little effort.
> And I like it, its much faster than X11-fwding through ssh. But there is still some lag when using very graphics heavy applications on slow links.
If you are on a slower link, you may want to tweak the speed and quality
settings to better suit your preferences: quality vs bandwidth vs
latency/framerate, choose one.
By default, Xpra is optimized for faster links because that's what most
users have - at least those that file tickets.

You may also want to file your own ticket if you find that specific and
reproducible bandwidth conditions trigger abnormally large lag.
Newer versions should improve this.
Please always specify which version you are using for testing, what
distribution, etc.

> For example if I open google maps on remote computer and zoom in and
out ... experience is not great.
> On the other hand, I am struggling to get any of the opensource versions of NX to work (including one from WinSwitch).
NX open-source has been abandoned a long time ago.

> Is it worth the effort?

> Is NX technology any different from Xpra.
Yes, NX was quite efficient when applications were painting the screen
using X11 primitives, as it is compressing those requests. But very few
applications do that any more. It lacks all the progress made in video
compression that happened in the last ~10 years or so.

> Will it be faster compared to Xpra?
Very very unlikely.

> BTW, I only need seamless mode. I dont want remote desktop.
>  Regards, Mukul ( https://sites.google.com/site/mukulagrawal )
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