[winswitch] xpra v0.17.6 multiple Ubuntu 16.x systems, cursor in shadow mode

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 03:02:29 GMT 2016

On 30/11/16 02:41, Stephen RoundSparrow via shifter-users wrote:
> Hello. Congrats on the pending 1.0 LTS release. The feature list looks
> great.
> In shadow mode I've been unable to get the cursor to work. Resizing
> cursors, edit cursors, etc just don't appear and it is always an arrow on
> the client system.
> I have an Ubuntu 16.04 client that I updated from xpra v0.15.8 to the
> latest xpra v0.17.6 off the ppa. One host is Ubuntu 16.10 with it's xpra
> v0.17.4 and another is Ubuntu 16.04 with it's xpra v0.15.8 version.  I've
> tried adding --cursors=yes to client and it shows enabled on the Info
> screen but neither host system will pass cursor changes to the client.
> Is cursor mirroring in shadow mode unsupported or some other thing to try?
Not supported yet, sorry.


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