[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.1

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 17:36:51 BST 2017


This release builds on the new foundations of the 2.0 branch to improve
many existing features and also add a few new ones.

TLDR: logind integration, split packages, many HTML5 client updates,
mDNS gui launcher, better desktop and shadow modes (with NvFBC support).

For more detailed information, including links to the documentation and
tickets, see:

Release notes summary:
* the system wide proxy server now integrates with logind and supports
socket activation
* new authentication modules:
 - new posix peercred authentication module (used by system wide proxy)
 - new sqlite authentication module
* split packages for RPM, MS Windows and Mac OS
* digitally signed MS Windows installers
* HTML5 client improvements:
 - file upload support
 - better non-us keyboard and language support
 - safe HMAC authentication over HTTP, re-connection etc
 - more complete window management, (pre-)compression (zlib, brotli)
 - mobile on-screen keyboard
 - audio forwarding for IE
 - remote drag and drop support
* better Multicast DNS support, with a GUI launcher
* improved image depth / deep color handling
* desktop mode can now be resized easily
* any window can be made fullscreen (Shift+F11 to trigger)
* Python3 GTK3 client is now usable (though still incomplete)
* shutdown the server from the tray menu
* option to terminate child commands on server shutdown
* macos library updates, support for virtual desktops
* NVENC SDK version 8 and HEVC support
* Nvidia NvFBC capture SDK support for fast shadow servers
* shadow servers improvements: show shadow pointer in opengl client
* many structural improvements and important bug fixes

The source:


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