[winswitch] Physical Displays to different windows (under the same Xpra process?)

Ντέντος Σταύρος stdedos at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 16:12:29 BST 2018

Hello there! I am trying to `xpra shadow` my Ubuntu 16.04.3 working
environment when I am using my laptop (Windows 10). Environment is 3
screens wide.

I'd prefer if this was 3 windows instead of one window of ~5k x 1080 p.
I fail to think how that'd be possible. I think that fakexinerama could be
useful here, but I have no actual clue.

Tried irc, channel was dead at my time.
I grep'ped the whole mail archive, I failed to find something related

Ntentos Stavros

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