[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.4.3: cosmetic and assorted fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 14:16:28 GMT 2019


All these fixes had been accumulating for a while.
Updating is recommended but none of the bugs fixed are critical.

Release notes:
* fix minor glib timer handle leak and unnecessary timer scheduling
* fix keyboard backwards compatibility with older 1.0 servers
* fix error in keyboard debug logging
* fix h264 decoding in HTML5 client
* fix session info and bug report windows not getting dismissed (HTML5)
* fix precise wheel motion events with HTML5 client
* fix clipboard with MacOS GTK2 clients
* fix swap-keys menu entry wrongly disabled
* fix potential memory leaks and errors in codecs due to cast error
* fix crashy codecs on MS Windows: disable x264, 32bit vpx large sizes
* fix validation errors with some quality and speed control commands
* fix buggy parsing of clipboard-contents packets
* fix jpeg encoder and decoder library version requirements (CentOS 7.x)
* fix starting sessions via ssh on Ubuntu (workaround buggy systemd-run)
* fix MS Windows clients handling system tray icons without alpha
* fix error in video exception message formatting
* fix errors handling pointer events with extra relative pointer data
* fix potential string substitution errors with python2
* fix connection to hosts that resolve to IPv6 only addresses
* fix dbus mixin attributes initialized twice (wrong values)
* fix race condition error with network congestion events
* fix compatibility with newer ArchLinux Xorg path
* fix exec-auth module timeout not being honoured
* fix exec-auth wrongly returning success on MacOS
* workaround SSH errors with Windows Services for Linux
* better refresh rate when there are fullscreen and maxmimized windows
* never lock the batch delay when mmap is enabled

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