[shifter-users] [ANNOUNCE] v0.10.0 WC release candidate

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 13:17:09 BST 2010

  Hi all,

At long last, 0.10.0 has been shipped.
Very little has changed since the RC announcement below: mostly bug 
fixes for SSH handling.

Debian and Ubuntu users will get the updated packages automagically.
Others, please download from the website.


PS: many thanks to those who tested the RC and provided bug reports and 

On 07/11/2010 07:21 PM, Antoine Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry about the long wait, this release has seen a number of important
> improvements which needed time to settle.
> You can find all the beta packages here:
> http://shifter.devloop.org.uk/beta/
> Unless any major showstopper bugs are found in the next week or so, this
> version will become the final 0.10.0
> Please give it a whirl if you can.
> The most noticable changes are:
>   * The server can now be re-started at any time without affecting the
> sessions it controls
>   * RDP support for exporting Windows displays
>   * Much better (rewritten) sound support using GStreamer
>   * MacOSX: server support, RDP, PowerPC builds
>   * Better diagnostic messages and error reporting
>   * Many bug fixes, better platform compatibility support
> Thanks!
> Antoine
> ================================================================================
> Release Notes:
> 1) Protocol specific enhancements:
> * Functional RDP support.
> * VNC: use new vncpasswd on server to generate password values. Patch
> has been merged upstream in TigerVNC.
> * VNC support enhancements: show host in window name, detect client
> process messages and act accordingly, try to prevent alert popups.
> * SSH X11 Display forwarding: better detection of failures.
> * SSH: try to detect if SSH allows X11Forwarding on unix platforms.
> * Xpra: builds for version depend on Xvfb only (as Xvnc does
> not work well enough as an Xvfb alternative yet).
> * Xpra: added switch to disable PulseAudio support (since we now provide
> our own sound system)
> 2) User Interface:
> * Sound support via gstreamer and RTSP, which is close to a hundred
> times more efficient than pulseaudio over TCP (not available on MacOSX).
> Also allows us to export the sound from regular X11 sessions.
> * Notifications: messages should be more informative, and last longer in
> case of errors.
> * Prevent multiple connection windows from swarming the user, and remove
> them if the server has already disconnected.
> * New application icons to try to blend it to each platform's default
> themes.
> * Disabled SVG icons as the MacOSX libraries do not support this format.
> * Use menu mode by default (dialog mode can be enabled via configuration
> panel).
> * More keyboard shortcuts: enter to submit password form, escape to
> close any form.
> 3) Platform specific changes:
> * MacOSX server support embedded in the applet and avoid "double dock icon".
> * MacOSX and Windows builds now include full version information in
> "About" box.
> * MacOSX: detect if the application's location has changed and update
> paths accordingly.
> * MacOSX: basic SSH server support, exporting the default X11 applications.
> * MacOSX: support ARD (Apple Remote Desktop), which is a VNC server.
> * MacOSX: bundle newer versions of nxproxy and TigerVNC.
> * Windows: detect if a VNC server is already running and offer to stop it.
> * *nix: provide location for system wide sane defaults in /etc
> * *nix: better parsing for utmp entries found via "last -F"
> * *nix: detect X11 session name using "DESKTOP_SESSION"
> 4) General:
> * Try to detect firewalls blocking access to sessions and report to user.
> * Use daemon wrapper to ensure all session utilities can outlive the
> server process and be picked up again after a restart.
> * Each session gets is own dbus instance.
> * Moved all the session files to the same location. (for all protocols)
> * More efficient loading, lazy initialization of system objects.
> * Bookmarks now record the protocol settings too (screen_size, bit
> depth, etc..)
> * Split the code to better ensure separation of client and server side
> classes. (and load faster)
> * Pre-launch failures: give up only if the failures happened recently.
> * Try harder to detect local servers and try to use a local link for those.
> 5) Security:
> * Try harder to remove passwords in the log files, does not apply to
> debug mode.
> * Now using a separate XAUTHORITY file per session (except when SELinux
> is enabled)
> 6) Release:
> * CentOS, Fedora 14 and Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat builds.
> * MacOSX PowerPC build now provided.
> * Fixed support for Debian Lenny (and others) which do not have gio.
> (can be tested with --no-gio)

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