[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] version 0.12.4 - more bugfixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 01:10:28 BST 2011


Version 0.12.4 is now available:

This version contains yet another large number of bugfixes for all
platforms. Most notably, packaging fixes for MS Windows and Ubuntu.

For details, please see the full release notes below.



Major items:
* remote ssh client helper now exits when the connection drops (zombies)
* disable pynotify when no notification daemon is running and use gtk
* MS Windows was missing gstreamer DLLs, causing silent start failures
* session sound can now be re-connected even after a winswitch server
* resize all icons on the fly to save bandwidth

Small bug fixes and improvements:
* the default icon and menu size was too big on some Linux platforms
* handle invalid passphrases and key files better: try again, not
erroring out
* better layout for start dialogs
* MS Windows and OSX: use local icons ahead of remote ones to save bandwidth
* try harder to find a matching icon for commands

Cleanups and minor items:
* use more efficient base64 for encoding data command strings (if supported)
* initial support for multiple audio codecs (still defaults to vorbis)
* cleaner separation of UI widgets and protocol handling code
* MS Windows: trim unnecessary files from installer
* new version of putty on MS Windows
* new platform support: CentOS 6, Ubuntu Oneiric, ..


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