[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] version 0.11.4 - bugfixes + features

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 21:18:38 BST 2011


Version 0.11.4 is now available:

Despite this version being a bug-fix release, there are a number of
significant improvements and some new features in there too.
For details, see the release notes attached below.

The next version will be a major release (0.12) so you may have to wait
for it a little longer than usual.
If you have suggestions or features you would like to see added, now is
the time!



* File transfers to remote servers without using SFTP
* Ability to whitelist server commands: it defaults to allow all, but can be
used to restrict the commands available to a small set very easily.
* Stale connections are properly dropped, allowing re-connect to work
* Python 2.7.1 with gstreamer bindings on MS Windows (thanks to ossbuild)
* Warn when files cannot be opened remotely
* Thunar file manager integration
* Moved most non user-visible commands to "/usr/libexec" on Unix
* Added "--help" and manual page to most commands
* Prevent code from logging ssh key passphrase in debug mode! (oops - sorry)

Minor enhancements and fixes:
* Fixed Xpra JPEG support on win32
* Tray icon animation when something is in progress
* The command wrapper now has a smaller alias of 'wcw' to fit in
.desktop files
* Simplified MS Windows build scripts
* Include severity in default log format
* Early connection to server may fail with new Xpra sessions, so retry them
* Use "xdg-mime" rather than "xdg-open" to open files (when possible),
this is
to ensure that the session is closed when the command terminates
* Removed unnecessary dependencies from scripts to reduce early logging
* Sample init scripts
* sid and Fedora 16 (rawhide) builds included


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