[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] version 0.11.4 - bugfixes + features

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed May 4 16:40:44 BST 2011


Version 0.12.1 is now available:

This is the first public version of the 0.12.x branch. (0.12.0 was built
and posted two days ago but this announcement was delayed because some
fairly significant bugs were spotted soon after)

The most noteworthy features in this release are:
* Super-fast session start. To try it out, start the applet, then simply
type: wcw xterm
(obviously you can replace xterm with anything you actually want to use)
* Sound fixes: applications that are likely to use sound (ie:
media/video/sound applications) will have sound connected by default and
the sound will be moved to the new machine when you send the session
there. (not yet available on MS Windows)

More complete aggregated release notes are copied below.

You can now also use the forum to post your questions:



New or enhanced features:
* Super-fast session start
* Reliable session sound
* Adds GStreamer video streaming option for shadowing sessions
* Mac OS X: warn the user if SSH X11 forwarding is turned off
* More reliable fix for strange keyboard mappings with Xpra

Enhancements and bug fixes:
* Fix spurious VNC timeouts due to log file buffering
* Avoid error message when SSH sessions terminate
* Windows build: include the correct DLL versions (again..)
* SSH needs password OR keys
* Detect applications that can only be started once per session and show
a warning
* Detect firewalls blocking mDNS
* Fix missing start desktop menu on some platforms
* Avoid crashes when notification daemon is installed but not running
* Simplified the MS Windows build scripts
* Avoid paths and features not available on some platforms (/proc on
win32, etc)
* Updated binary builds: newer versions of PyGTK, pyasn1, etc
* Application Dock icon on Mac OS X
* Fixed links in about dialog


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