[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] version 0.12.2 - lots of bugfixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri May 27 21:37:22 BST 2011


Version 0.12.2 is now available:

This version contains a large number of bugfixes for all platforms.

The highlights are: FreeBSD and KDE bug fixes, CentOS and openSUSE
package fixes, support for Ubuntu's unity, gnome-shell, etc
Many new protocol options: xpra adaptive JPEG, GStreamer screencasting
scaling and compression, etc.

For details, please see the full release notes below.



This update fixes a number of important bugs which affected a large
number of platforms:
* Ubuntu 'appindicator' tray support (as used in Natty Narwhal)
* FreeBSD fix for log parsing (was not picking up log file changes)
* KDE fix preventing the tray icon from being clicked on
* updated CentOS (with python2.4 fix) and openSUSE RPM package dependencies
* GStreamer streaming now correctly stops when the client closes
	(this affected both video and sound)
* Support for Xpra's new 'adaptive JPEG' mode using bandwidth controls
* many new options can now be selected in the session dialogs
* FreeBSD (and others): do not assume that python is installed in /usr/bin

Other more minor items:
* modifier keys should now be detected correcly on all platforms
* UI tweaks for gnome-shell (now shows correct application name)
* sessions reloaded from disk were missing their icons in the menu
* uid was wrongly detected as root on *nix in some cases (environment)
* Xpra should detect Xvfb startup errors and warn the user
* avoid spawning so many shells
* correctly log to file when started from the desktop's menu
* Utmp parsing fixed on FreeBSD (and probably other BSDs too)
* Gentoo ebuild fixed (EAPI deadline warning)
* the custom commands dialog allows longer commands (up to 4096 chars)
* if the command that is started is likely to use video,
	enable Xpra's new adaptive jpeg for remote servers
* new TigerVNC 1.1 beta build for Ubuntu and Debian
* don't show password prompt 3 times if the user clicks cancel (oops)
	(also correctly handle the password if entered, re-oops)
* it seems newer distros (ie: Fedora 15 and others) need "Xvfb -noreset"
	(probably because of the newer [py]gtk version)
* various code cleanups

New session options (shown when the 'modifier key' is held):
* GStreamer video: scaling and compression options
* clipboard option for Xpra, NX, VNC and RDP
* fullscreen option for rdesktop and VNC
* VNC: Read-only mode, JPEG quality and compression options
* SSH: compression option


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