[winswitch] Using Xpra on multi-GPU laptops

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 14:43:15 GMT 2011

> mmap helps a lot. Most of the input lag, and CPU spikes are gone.
This changeset:
should make things significantly better/smoother for your use case.
Let me know how if this helps.

> Tearing continues to increase with window size.
Are you still testing with glxspheres? The tearing is gone here, but I
am only getting about 15fps from Xdummy, pale in comparison to what you
must be getting from a GPU.
With the new code and mmap enabled, I can get about 80fps at 800x600
through xpra, which isn't bad.

> For window resizing,
> some apps change their hex id or window arrangement when they enter
> fullscreen mode or are maximized. Xpra doesn't always handle these
> transformations properly and updates to the window may stop. I've
> attached 3 examples of this.
Do you have a simple test case I could use to reproduce?
Do you happen to know which X11 calls are made to change the id?


> - Eric
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