[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.3.5 / xpra 0.4.1 / xpra 0.5.0-beta1

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Aug 1 19:33:11 BST 2012

On 08/02/2012 01:20 AM, Neal Becker wrote:
> If I comment out xvfb= from /etc/xpra/xpra.conf, it's better.  I guess
> this is the old Xvfb version.  Still wrong dpi, but not as bad as with
> xdummy.
Found a solution for you, just run this on your client before connecting 
with xpra:
echo "Xft.dpi: 96" | xrdb -

Looks like your DE (which one do you use?) or X11 startup scripts are 
not setting the Xft.dpi, so applications fallback to xdpyinfo-like data 
from somewhere (Xlib?) which has the wrong value.

I will make a proper solution for trunk and 0.5.0 release.


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