[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] winswitch 0.12.15

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Aug 20 15:43:02 BST 2012


Version 0.12.15 is available now:

This bug release contains many platform related fixes: MS Windows 
support for NX and ssh sessions, Mac OS X GStreamer video, SELinux 
warnings, Xpra "stop" command, etc.
It also adds the latest Xpra 0.5.0 release to binary installers.


Full release notes:
* fix startup crash on osx
* fix NX and ssh sessions support on MS Windows (would stop working 
after last session exited)
* fix Xpra "force stop" (now needs password)
* fix GStreamer video: try to use the default video plugin if 
preferences are not set
* fix mDNS warning on startup (dialog was making the UI unresponsive)
* fix default protocol options were ignored when not using dialogs to 
start sessions
* fix SELinux warning counter: honour it and only shown the warning 3 times
* support for Xpra 0.5 (new log file format, automatic xvfb settings)
* osx GStreamer fixes: add support for menu, use SDL output (no need for 
* osx now includes the Xpra launcher as an embedded application
* use packagekit for installing new protocols easily
* if sshd is not installed, assume that ssh mode will not work
* avoid warning that "xpra is too old" when it is not installed
* various cleanups

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