[winswitch] xmodmap: No protocol specified

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 19:35:36 BST 2012

On 08/01/2012 01:29 AM, ROGERIO DE CARVALHO BASTOS wrote:
> Quoting Antoine Martin <antoine at nagafix.co.uk>:
>> It's very strange that you are able to connect to the session with NX
>> but somehow the winswitch_server seems to fail to connect to the NX
>> virtual X11 server to set the keymap, etc.
>> Sounds like something is preventing access and generally that means
>> xauth issues. Do you get any SELinux denials?
>> What distro is this? Can you try to specify an alternate XAUTHORITY file?
> I'm using Debian 7 without SELinux.
Try manually running xauth commands against that display, ie:
DISPLAY=:60 xauth list

Also try using your own XAUTHORITY file by setting the environment 
before starting the server, it might help.

>> Just out of curiosity, is there anything specific that prevents you
>> from using Xpra instead of NX?
> I don't like NX, but we will offer a Desktop Session to users via Internet.
Both Xpra and NX do this... so you haven't really answered my question ;)


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