[winswitch] (solved) Re: starting apps in different terminal produces error

James C. McPherson jmcp+xpra at jmcp.homeunix.com
Tue May 15 00:33:12 BST 2012

On 15/05/12 09:18 AM, James C. McPherson wrote:
> With svn rev 845 (Solaris host, Solaris client) if I try to
> start a new utility in a different terminal session to the
> one I started xpra in, I see these messages for meld:
> I'm pretty sure xpra didn't behave this way in previous revisions. Where
> should I be looking to gather more information on what's going on?

It's handy having a core Xorg developer as a mate :)

Alan Coopersmith suggested looking at the XAUTHORITY variable.
Sure enough, when I changed the value in the new session to match
that in session where I'd started xpra... bingo!

I'm going to set XAUTHORITY in my .profile rather than depend
on whatever random setting ssh provides.

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