[winswitch] xpra/handbrake: strange behavior

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Fri Nov 2 23:31:11 GMT 2012

Dear Antoine,

I've noticed a very strange behaviour of a particular application in Xpra:

In "handbrake" when the video source is chosen, click on "Picture Settings" 
brings two windows -- settings and preview. In Xpra they are opened with 
"preview" on top of "settings" so I have to move "preview" to access 
"settings" (minor inconvenience but indeed not a problem).

But when I click on "settings", "preview" window disappears.
This is happening only in Xpra.
Settings window have a tickbox to show "preview" but it can't bring "preview" 
back after its disappearance.

This is with Xpra_0.7.1

Please advise if I shall start throwing logs at you. :)

In Debian "handbrake-gtk" is available from "experimental".


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