[winswitch] 0.6.1 -- server-side clipboard problem

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Mon Sep 17 03:09:49 BST 2012

Hi Antoine,

I've noticed another server-side problem with clipboard in 0.6.1:

if I connect to server-0.6.1 using client-0.3.6 clipboard content is not 
pasting from local clipboard to remote application. 
Knowing about all those fixes you recently introduced this is more or less 
However the real serious problem is that after I connected to server-0.6.1 
from old client-0.3.6 (I didn't test other versions) clipboard doesn't work 
even if I connect from the very same client-0.6.1. Clipboard entry in tray 
icon menu become inactive and unticked like if there is no support for 
clipboard whatsoever.

I was able to fix this issue temporarily by "xpra upgrade :8" on server side.

It would be very nice if server could be slightly improved to avoid clipboard 
degradation from talking to older clients.

Thank you.


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