[winswitch] trying out xpra/winswitch

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 01:20:19 GMT 2013

Trying out latest on Fedora 17.

1. Which way to configure Xorg?  Right now I'm trying xvfb with the dummy
xvfb=/usr/bin/Xorg-nosuid -dpi 96 -noreset -nolisten tcp +extension GLX
+extension RANDR +extension RENDER -logfile
${HOME}/.xpra/Xorg.${DISPLAY}.log -config /etc/xpra/xorg.conf

This seems to look nice on emacs.  But I wonder if this is the "best"
option?  One thing is, it seems RANDR extension is reported as missing.
 For example, running xrandr --verbose from within emacs reports that.

2. winswitch works, but if I try to start a remote desktop session it works
with xpra, but not NX.  I believe it said something about ssh server not

3. In winswitch, if I try to start a different size desktop session, it
does not change size.  Probably related to RANDR missing?

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