[winswitch] minimum bandwidth where xpra still stays usable?

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at iki.fi
Thu Jul 11 11:59:35 BST 2013


Antoine Martin <antoine at nagafix.co.uk> writes:
> Which encoding were you testing?


> If it was a lossy one, have you tried increasing the auto-refresh delay
> so lossless frames don't fire too often?

Thanks for the advice. It seems that

xpra attach --encoding jpeg --quality 5 --auto-refresh-delay=1000 ssh:example.org:7

is usable even after I have limited the bandwidth on the server using

tc qdisc add dev eth0 root tbf rate 512kbit latency 20ms burst 60kbit

> How so? jpeg encoding is still supported and so is the quality setting.
> That said, jpeg encoding is terrible, you should be using x264
> instead.

Even with

xpra attach --encoding jpeg --quality 5 --auto-refresh-delay=1000 ssh:example.org:7

I see only very minimal artifacts, I'm sure I used to see much worse
quality in the past. Is it maybe ignoring --quality 5 and assuming
--quality 70 or something?


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