[winswitch] Winswitch server on a headless system?

Cunningham, Robert RCunningham at nsmsurveillance.com
Wed Mar 6 23:18:11 GMT 2013

I have a bunch of quick'n'dirty Python/Tkinter apps designed to test instrumentation/m2m protocols on various platforms (Win7/Mac/Linux, x86/ARM).  Python/Tkinter is ideal for this, but now I need to run the apps on a headless Ubuntu (quantal) ARM (arm-hf) system, with the GUI shown remotely.

>From a Linux remote system, I login via "ssh -Y" and start the app from the command line. I do the same thing from Win7 after installing the Cygwin Xserver.

I'd like to have a "one-click" approach for others who would like to run the remote test apps, but don't (and shouldn't) know a thing about ssh or X11.  I'd like it to be as easy as launching a local program, or opening a web page from a shortcut.

Is this a good job for WinSwitch?

If so, any hints before I dive in?



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