[winswitch] xpra issuses

Randy thejunk.b at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 19:19:45 GMT 2013

I recently install winswitch on 2 debian wheezy machines and I am having 
issues getting apps to move to/from either of those 2 machines to the other 
tow machine on my local network.    Two of the machines work together 
flawlessly, they were both install quite some time ago.  The 2 most recient 
installs (last 3 months) don't work at all with the older installs.  They also 
don't work with each other, although the apps will briefly open remotly before 
they close, but on the older installs they don't open at all.  Only 1 machine 
in the older pair has an active firewall, neither of the newer do.

The 2 machines that work together have these versions
xpra 		0.3.11+dfsg-1
winswitch	0.12.18-1
both are 64bit

The 2 machines that will not work with any other
xpra		0.8.8
winswitch	0.12.18-1
one is 64bit the other 32

I do not understand why the machines with the older version of xpra install 
have not been updated to 0.8.8  I am very patictular about keeping my machines 
updated.  All the machines have the same repo for winswitch set up in 
sources.list so why has "apt-get upgrade" not udated xpra to 0.8.8  I have not 
pinned it and my default version is testing. 

I have looked at the logs in ~/.winswitch/...... and don't see any thing that 
tells me why it is failling.

On the 2 machines that don't work the app will launch locally and remotely, 
but it will only display locally.  It seams to be problem with xpra and not 
winswitch its self.  I hesitate to force the update of xpra on the two older 
installs and have it brake that fuctionality untill I can get the other two 
working together.

If it ain't broke tweek it

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