[winswitch] xpra issuses

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu May 2 12:45:02 BST 2013

>>> Next I tried launching gimp remotly.  This time it acted just like
>>> before.  I was able to get a screen shot of the error.
>> Can we see it?
> Opps, sorry.  I thought the link below at the bottom would get you to where 
> the image files and log files are.  Try this one instead.
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/trsi9d82yvsuuk0/WXaUEeJr2z/winswitch
Looks like a crash in the X11 libraries.
To debug this further, please try running xpra from the command line.
That way you will get the full error message in your terminal.

>>>  And checking the session type in the info menu item
>>> shows that it is still using xpra and not nx.  Looking at the desktop
>>> server settings from the laptop shows that it is set to use xpar, but
>>> looking at the server setting on the desktop shows it set to nx.  But if
>>> I go to the server tab it the setings and right click on the desktop
>>> server and check the settings there they show xpra as the seamless
>>> default and it can not be changed, hmmmm.  I was able to capture the
>>> screen error.
>> My head just exploded.
>> Options:
>> * use the start application dialog instead, it lets you choose a lot
>> more options, including the session type
>> * or hold the "special" key ("Shift" by default) when you select an app
>> in the start menu, which will bring a dialog similar to the "start
>> application dialog" and includes protocol selection (xpra, nx..)
> Even using the "special" key or the start application dialog I am not able to 
> select any other sesion type, they seam not to exist.
It will show you the options that are available and compatible on both
the server and client.
When running in debug mode, it should log why certain options are discarded.


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