[winswitch] Forwarding a whole desktop throwing error

vrkorada at yahoo.co.in vrkorada at yahoo.co.in
Wed Nov 6 14:31:51 GMT 2013


I used the following syntax specified in http://xpra.org/trac/wiki/Usage

xpra start :123 --start-child="Xephyr :234 -ac -screen 800x600" DISPLAY=:234 start-kde

and here is the output:

koradav at toy01.nyc:/u/koradav/Documents> xpra start :123 --start-child="Xephyr :234 -ac -screen 800x600" DISPLAY=:234 start-kde


                xpra start DISPLAY

                xpra stop [DISPLAY]

                xpra list

                xpra upgrade DISPLAY

                xpra attach [DISPLAY]

                xpra detach [DISPLAY]

                xpra screenshot filename [DISPLAY]

                xpra info [DISPLAY]

                xpra version [DISPLAY]

                xpra shadow DISPLAY

xpra: error: need exactly 1 extra argument

Am I doing something wrong? 


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