[winswitch] does xpra raise windows?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 07:35:21 BST 2013

> Do we have any tentative timeline for 0.11.0 release?
When it is ready ;)
Hopefully this month. I will make beta packages before too long.
> Adding a little more detail on the issue we are facing. Do let me know if
> you want me to start a new thread though.
This looks like a separate issue.
So the fix from this thread is unlikely to make any difference.
> After starting a session via xpra on a linux host, I can attach to it from
> the Windows desktop without any issues. However, if I close the window (by
> clicking on the window close icon on top right), instead of running 'xpra
> detach' on the command line, the window minimizes
What sort of application minimizes when you close it?
>  and I cannot raise it
> again even after disconnecting/attaching to the display afresh.
How does this application gets shown again normally? (without xpra involved)
Does it not have a tray icon or something to interact with it?

Windows that are actually minimized (and not destroyed) are shown again
when you connect, and whilst you are still connected they would still be
shown in your task manager (or via alt-tab style window switchers).
If the client application discards its own window, there is nothing xpra
can do to make it show again.
The application should offer a way of doing that.


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