[winswitch] does xpra raise windows?

Venkat vrkorada at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 23 11:09:07 BST 2013

> Windows that are actually minimized (and not destroyed) are shown again
> when you connect, and whilst you are still connected they would still be
> shown in your task manager (or via alt-tab style window switchers).
> If the client application discards its own window, there is nothing xpra
> can do to make it show again.
> The application should offer a way of doing that.
> Antoine

I don't think the windows are minimized. The issue is that the window is
closed, but he session in Xpra is still live without any windows.
Steps to reproduce...
Start a session with xemacs appliction.
Attach the same from windows machine
Close the xemacs window by clicking on 'X' button.
You still see the command shell running and the session is listed on Linux
machine. This leaves the session unused/orphan. You need to stop the session
explicitly to cleanup.

Since the window is closed, there is no way you can bring it back. 

It would good (for end users) if we can dettach the session on closing the
window. If we provide a prompt (Do you want to close OR dettach?), that
would be ideal.


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