[winswitch] Xpra on PyPI

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Fri Oct 25 02:03:06 BST 2013

>  I tried to install it from PyPI using "pip install
> xpra", but that failed. It appears that the announced version(s) of
> Xpra on PyPI are sadly outdated.
Yes, they are about 4 years out of date!
>  I've attached the pip log for
> details.
> Skip Montanaro

Pip is using the old upstream instead of xpra.org:

> Getting page http://pypi.python.org/simple/xpra
> Getting page http://partiwm.org/wiki/xpra

>  Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement xpra

I have no idea how to tell pip to update the links.
(Also, things have changed quite a bit so the installation is likely to fail unless all the new dependencies used by default are installed)

Until someone figures this out, install from your distribution package or from source:


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