[winswitch] Bug#721898: please backport xpra

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Sep 6 07:29:08 BST 2013

> Only opengl is reported as
> unsupported on the server side (which is a KVM running SID + xpra from
> experimental).
Server side does not use OpenGL, maybe you are referring to this client
side message:

ImportError: No Numeric module present: No module named Numeric

Note: Debian does not ship python-gnumeric (which is superseded by
numpy) which makes PyOpenGL spit out a warning when we load it.
AFAIK, silencing this warning would silence other more useful warnings.
Perhaps Debian should consider patching PyOpenGL to remove this warning
instead - or provide python-numeric packages for backwards compatibility.
> I attach the output from gl_check.py. 
The output looks fine, and OpenGL should have been enabled OK on this
You can check in your tray menu or in the Session-Info's Statistics window.
> This ticket (and the linked mail) seems
> related to the missing OpenGL support: http://xpra.org/trac/ticket/330
The ticket you are pointing to has nothing to do with GL...


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