[winswitch] Use spice to show individual X clients like xpra does?

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Sat Sep 7 14:07:26 BST 2013


I've played around a bit with xpra[1]. Xpra (AFAIK) starts an X server with a 
dummy video driver (or xvfb?) on the remote machine and a client xpra process 
on the local machine shows remote application windows just like they would run 

[1] http://xpra.org

Xpra also forwards sound, clipboard and microfon. So it seems to me that there 
is some overlap with spice.

It would be cool, if I could use spice in the same way, to see virtual machine 
X clients integrated in my local desktop just like local applications. Is this 
on your roadmap?


Thomas Koch

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