[winswitch] Terminal emulators with 0.12.19

Chris Hamilton chris at ambigc.com
Mon Sep 16 12:24:45 BST 2013

Hi, I have tried a few 'fancy' terminal emulators - terminator, konsole, and
gterm and they all seem unable to refresh or display a consistent console
window.  Either the bottom refuses to display any text updates, sections in
the top or middle sometimes do not display, though drag highlighting text
with the mouse refreshes.  Resizing the window causes scroll bar and other
element artifacts to not redraw.  xterm works perfectly fine, other than it
is xterm.  I haven't found anything in the documentation or forums to help,
so I thought I would ask if anyone else has seen this and any suggestions.
This is an Ubuntu raring winswitch 0.12.19 server from the winswitch Ubuntu
repo and a windows 7 0.12.19 client.



Chris Hamilton

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