[winswitch] xpra list is empty immediately after xpra start

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Fri Sep 20 07:39:20 BST 2013


I've made a script that is called on every ssh login to my virtual machine. It 
tests whether xpra is running (via xpra list) and if not it starts xpra and 
immediately afterwards it runs xpra list to parse the value that should be 
assigned to $DISPLAY.

It's always(?) the case, that xpra list does not show the just started 
instance but prints an empty list.

Do you consider this a bug? Maybe you could add an option to xpra start that 
it should only return once everything is set up so that xpra list finds the 

While I'm at it: It would be nice to have a shell parsable output of xpra 
list, e.g. separated by tabs without indentation.


Thomas Koch

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