[winswitch] SSH login failure with winswitch

Shane Williams shanew at shanew.net
Wed Aug 20 21:51:29 BST 2014

On Wed, 20 Aug 2014, Antoine Martin wrote:

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> On 20/08/14 21:11, Shane Williams wrote:
>> On Wed, 20 Aug 2014, Antoine Martin wrote:
>> I emerged x11-ssh-askpass, and when I try to connect to the remote
>> server, it doesn't pop anything up.
> IIRC, you may also need environment variables to tell SSH about it.

Added SSH_ASKPASS to my environment variables and ran winswitch_applet
from the CLI.  Still nothing.  That said, if I'm entering my password
into the connection configuration, shouldn't a ssh_askpass binary be

>> I tried removing my password from
>> the connection configuration screen thinking that might prompt the
>> askpass, and noticed something interesting.  When I have an empty or
>> incorrect password entered in the configuration, I get errors like
>> this on the remote side (in auth.log):
>> Aug 20 09:00:11 xxxxxx sshd[23427]: Bad protocol version identification
>> 'set_salt 'cfcb532196ab4b7c8f51c3c9dd907adf'' from port
>> 60288
>> Aug 20 09:00:12 xxxxxx sshd[23430]: Bad protocol version identification
>> 'set_salt '4994cf6a6b4b44ba82e33ec39110c99e'' from port 60289
>> In fact, now even if I set the password back to the correct one, I
>> still see errors like that in the remote auth.log.  I don't know if
>> that represents progress or a step backwards?
> Not sure, it looks like winswitch is not using ssh at all and is sending
> the regular winswitch packet data to ssh, as it would do when configured
> to use plain tcp.

You are correct.  Somehow when I blanked out the password, the "use
ssh tunnels" box got unchecked, so that was user / UI error, and can
be ignored.

>> If there's a specific version of twisted (core or conch) that I should
>> be using, let me know.  I have at least a few options to choose from
>> on gentoo.
> Before you downgrade anything, it probably makes sense to ascertain if
> twisted is part of the problem or not.
> Try running the client in debug mode:
> http://winswitch.org/dev/debugging.html
> And look for ssh in the output.

I've put up the entire output up at http://pastebin.com/s6i8QDkR
I notice several errors, some of which seem more important than
others.  The part at the end is when I actually try connecting, and it
kind of looks like ConchUserAuth is never trying keyboard-interactive
as a method, relying instead on publickey.  As it indicates in the
output, twisted (both core and conch) are version 13 (13.0.0 to be

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