[winswitch] xpra proxy/shadow-start: expected 1 argument but got 2

James Gatannah jamesgatannah at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 04:48:59 BST 2014

I ran into this on ubuntu trusty, using the baseline distro install (xpra 
0.12.3--I haven't gotten around to playing with winswitch yet).

Googling didn't turn up anything except bug #632 (which helped me figure out 
what was going on) and an obnoxious rant from a couple of months ago. Which 
doesn't seem fair, especially since this really isn't your fault.

The problem really happens when it's parsing the client-side command line 
options to build the proxy command. That unexpected second argument comes 
from the true that should be associated with Xsession. My guess is that it's 
something funky with this version of the ConfigParser library, but I was more 
interested in getting up and running than actually tracking down a root 

Changing xpra.conf to put quotes around that line:

start-child = "/etc/X11/Xsession true"

fixed the glitch.

Anyway. I'm really just sharing in the hopes that the next person who runs 
across this will find something useful (although I have to say that the reply 
to that rant was very classy).

Thanks for a very cool tool that I'm really glad to have discovered,

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