[winswitch] CentOS 5.11 and Python 2.4 support

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 07:39:42 GMT 2014

On 16/12/14 23:41, Utku Altunkaya wrote:
> Hello Antoine,
> I understand that you are dropping support for pre-2.6 versions of
> Python, as mentioned in ticket #665 with the milestone set as 0.15. I
> installed a fresh CentOS 5.11 system today with xpra 0.14.13, and
> running xpra start results in
>     except Exception as e:
>                       ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> So, are these changes already in place? What will be the latest xpra
> version to support RHEL/CentOS 5?
Sorry about the delay.
You're right of course, I missed this syntax error when I backported the
changes from trunk to the v0.14.x branch for 0.14.11 (earlier versions
do not have this bug).
That's now fixed:

I've pushed updated 0.14.13 packages for the distros that use python 2.5
or older, like CentOS 5.


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