[winswitch] xpra on centos 7

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Tue Jul 15 22:54:06 BST 2014

 >|On 14/07/14 22:49, Bob Tennent wrote:
 >|> The download site didn't have an rpm for this distribution
 >|> (clone of RHEL 7) so I figured out how to install xpra on
 >|> CentOS 7. The key is to rebuild Fedora 20 src.rpms. You'll
 >|> need to do this for PyOpenGL, pygtkglext, gtkglext and xpra,
 >|> as well as install python3, tkinter, mesa-libGLU-devel, etc.
 >|> in the usual way. Seems to run OK.
 >|There were RedHat7 builds (based on the public beta release) which
 >|should have been usable already.

libfakeXinerama was missing.

 >|I have now symlinked them as "CentOS", which will be used for all newer
 >|I have also just rebuilt everything with CentOS-7 release, you can find
 >|all of it here:
 >|Unless anything is wrong with this (let me know!), it will be moved to
 >|the "release proper" area shortly.

Thanks. There's a reference to /share/xpra/icons/xpra.png
which should have a /usr prefix.

Bob T.

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