[winswitch] Awkward...

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 12:47:31 BST 2014


On 09/06/14 17:04, Hugo wrote:
> 1) The starter instructions on the initial page are missing the bit that
> you must start a session on the server, even when the first suggested
> command strongly looks like it should create the damm session itself.
Yes, I think this is a legitimate problem right there. Thank you for
pointing that out.
You need to have run "xpra start" at least once in the lifetime of the
target user account.
Sorry about that, we will fix that.
> 2) Every single command I have tried on this has lead to a variety of
> unhandled python exceptions which... well... have you guys heard of try,
> except, and all that? I mean if you can't code it right the first fucking
> time, at least try to catch the fucking exceptions in some fucking useful
> error messages.
Does swearing on a mailing list usually help?
You will find that most exceptions are documented on the FAQ, and
generally caused by packaging issues.
If you find some that are not, we'll make sure to fix them.
> 3) Couldn't get it work at all in any way.
Even with:
xpra start :10 --start-child=xterm
xpra attach
> Stop developing software. I rest my case.
You seem to have been quite frustrated by this experience, I'm sorry
about that.
Next time, please get some help here or on IRC, and also check the FAQ.


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