[winswitch] Question regarding licensing

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Jun 12 14:13:02 BST 2014

Very large disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
If you have legal questions and want definitive answers, you should
probably ask a lawyer.

On 12/06/14 17:54, Support wrote:
> We're currently looking at the possibility of integrating some xpra
> functionality into our products,
> I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a commercial license of
> winswitch/xpra?
Both winswitch and xpra are licensed under the GPL (GPL2+ for xpra, GPL3
for winswitch)
Are you sure that you need a commercial license for what you are doing?
IANAL and most of this is open to interpretation, but unless you are
modifying and re-distributing the code, chances are that you don't need one.

If you would like to have either projects re-licensed under a different
* xpra has had a few contributors, you would need to contact and get an
agreement from all of them (I believe all the copyright holders can be
contacted, whether they would agree with your plans is a different issue)
* I hold all the copyrights for winswitch, so this could be arranged
more easily
> This due to oss contamination and export restrictions.
Again, without further details, it is difficult to say what, if
anything, would apply here.
AFAIK, running the software does not "contaminate" anything.
As for export restrictions, I'm not sure if / how licensing could change
the legal status.


> Thanks in advance for any answers.

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