[winswitch] bash: .xpra/run-xpra: No such file or directory

Thomas Sattler sattler at med.uni-frankfurt.de
Fri Jun 13 14:27:17 BST 2014

On 13/06/14 15:11, Antoine Martin wrote:
> On 13/06/14 18:41, Thomas Sattler wrote:
>> I found a regression in recent xpra Version:
> How "recent" do you mean?

I'm running Gentoo Linux with xpra 0.13.3 on the
client and Debian with 0.13.4-1 on the server.

Client side is installed via Gentoo portage,
server gets xpra via http://winswitch.org/

> I thought we had been using this path form for a while.

I do not use xpra every day but at least once per
week. Today I updated both machines and couldn't
connect anymore.

But yes, thinking about it for a second time, there
might have been changes on our side this week.

So calling it a regression might have been wrong.

> We should not be expanding the path locally of something
> that is then used remotely.
> Doesn't it work if you just replace it with:
> ~/.xpra/run-xpra

I (successfully) tested this but thought you would
prefer doing it via confdir.

> or even:
> $HOME/.xpra/run-xpra

Yes, this works, too.


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