[winswitch] Feature request - move all windows

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:53:35 BST 2014

I've got a feature request for you, and was wondering if it's practical.

I use my laptop in one of two configurations:

At home, I have just my laptop. I keep my browser, mail program, etc. and
virtual desktop #1 and I put all my xpra windows on virtual desktop #2.

At work, I have an external monitor and my desktop spans the laptop display
and the monitor. With the extra screen space, I keep everything on virtual
desktop #1. My local program are all on my laptop display and my xpra
windows are on the external monitor.

When I change environments (at least once a day), I'll move each xpra
window between virtual desktops and then reposition them on the screen.

Would it be possible (and practical) to add an option (probably off the
tray icon) that would move all the xpra windows to a different virtual
desktop? As a bonus, could the same be done for moving xpra windows between


-- Doug Doole

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