[winswitch] How to connect to linux server with non-standart SSH port using Xpra on Windows?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 03:04:47 GMT 2014

On 04/03/14 22:01, Sergey Malkin wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a linux server with Xpra started without binding to TCP port.
> SSH on server is listening on port 41. When connecting from another
> linux machine I can specify the SSH port in user's ssh config and
> connect to server typing just "xpra attach ssh:servername:$DISPLAY".
> But I can't use the same method on Windows because there is no SSH
> config. How to specify the SSH port for Xpra to use in that case?
The easiest way to use a non-standard SSH port is to use the latest
version 0.12 beta, which you can find here:
It includes the ability to specify the SSH server port as part of the
connection string, ie:
ssh/username:password at servername:port/DISPLAY
(username and password are optional, though the username is often
necessary as MS Windows usernames tend to be different from the Unix
server usernames)

Alternatively, you should be able to specify the port using the --ssh
switch, which uses plink.exe on win32 (untested):
xpra_cmd.exe attach --ssh="C:\Program Files\Xpra\Plink.exe -P 41" ...


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