[winswitch] resize xpra-copy desktop

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 04:14:23 GMT 2014

On 10/03/14 00:59, Randy wrote:
> My desktop has a 1280x1024 display when I export it via xpra-copy it is 
> too large for my laptop display at 1366x768 and there are no scroll 
> bars.  I have tried the vnc-copy but it fails with:
> VNC Failed to connect: 
> More information may be in the log files. The connection end point was 
> (via an ssh tunnel)
This usually happens when the server end failed to setup the
"x0vncserver", for whatever reason.
As per the message, there may well be more information in the winswitch
server log file.
> Both systems are running Debian Jessie (testing) fully patched using 
> the versions of winswitch 0.12.20+dfsg-1 and xpra 0'11.4+dfsg-1 that 
> are in the repos. 
> Is there anyway to simply add scroll bars to the xpra-copy window?
"Simply", no. I have created a ticket for this feature:
Feel free to comment and subscribe to it.
> I use kde on my machines it that matters in this case.
It probably doesn't, but thanks for providing as much detail as possible.


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