[winswitch] xpra HTML5 client

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu May 1 03:39:42 BST 2014

Hi Joshua,

On 01/05/14 02:16, Joshua Higgins wrote:
> Hi list
> Is there anyone actively working on the HTML5 client for now?
Not at the moment.
> I've done some work with it and got it to the point where the CanvasState
> no longer exists and each window is a canvas within it's own div so we can
> use CSS styles for the borders. It now means that there is no stacking
> (this needs to be done using z-index).
> It needs a lot of cleaning up to remove bits that are now unused but just
> wondering in the mean time where a good place to put this code is and if
> anyone else had made (further) progress?
We don't have a development mailing list, so maybe just post your
patches on the HTML5 ticket?

I'll definitely take a look, and we can give you commit access if
working with patches becomes too much.


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