[winswitch] Trouble with xpra 0.13

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon May 26 15:42:17 BST 2014

On 26/05/14 21:19, Douglas Doole wrote:
> Just moved to xpra 0.13 and I'm hitting a couple problems:
> - I have my windows on desktop #2, but when I open a new window, it keeps
> showing up on desktop #1.
By desktop, I assume you mean virtual desktops? What desktop environment
are you using? Unity?
Is this a regression from 0.12? (I didn't think much had changed in this
There was a bug before 0.12.3, but I believe it has been fixed already:

Can you post the client log by running it with:
xpra -d workspace attach ..
> - I have my encoding set to PNG (24/32 bpp), but there are moments when the
> graphics look fuzzy (as if one of the compressed encodings is being used).
Hmm, one of the major improvements in 0.13 is the more dynamic selection
of picture encodings to suit the bandwidth, latency constraints and
picture data size..
But this should only kick in when a video encoding is selected (which
should be the default for most people), definitely not with PNG/RGB so
this sounds like a bug :(
How do you select PNG? From the command line or from the tray?
(does switching to the other method change anything?)
> Both my client and server are Ubuntu 12.04. There's nothing that stands out
> to me in either the client or server default logs.
> 2014-05-26 10:15:11,422 send_delayed for wid 6, elapsed time 501.1 is above
> limit of 500.0 - sending now
FYI: This "above limit" message tends to happen when the link is
saturated or slow. In which case PNG is probably not the best encoding
to use. (not an excuse for the bug above though!)


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