[winswitch] Windiws client usage (was: Re: BUG: Mouse pointer stops working in multi-/single display setup)

Lukas Haase lukashaase at gmx.at
Wed Nov 26 10:40:04 GMT 2014

Hi Antoine,

>> [...]
>> I used GSSAPI authentication first and needed to pass certain options to plink. I didn't see how this works with
>> winswitch/xpra. (Is it possible? Particularly, supplying a session name or SSH public key would be interesting)
> I am not at all sure how well this works with plink and command line arguments, but this is what the "--ssh=" flag is for.
> [...]

I played around with this; indeed, the *.xpra file accepts a ssh= line.

However, it seems to me that arguments are parsed improperly.

When I use

ssh="plink.exe -noagent -i o:\pkey.ppk"

I get:

Error running ssh program '[plink.exe -noagent -i o:\pkey.ppk', '-l', 'lukas', '-ssh'....
[Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

It seems that in this case, the complete command is interpreted as executeable which can of course indeed not be found.

When I use (without quotes)

ssh=plink.exe -noagent -i o:\pkey.ppk

then the appended arguments seem to be dropped; in any case they are ignored.

Independently from that, I see that xpra itself supplies "-agent" to plinks argument list. This might not be always wanted, for example in my case.
Therefore I would suggest to add a "ssh_args" option if it can be easily implemented.
If this is not set, do whatever is done now (with "ssh" executeable).
If this is set, these arguments are passed to "ssh", along with "-l username" and the command to be executed but otherwise no "default" arguments such as "-agent".

This method would also allow to pass "-load mysession" and hence GSSAPI authentication would work :-)


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